The last time Rush Limbaugh said Donovan McNabb’s name publicly, it cost him his job. I’m sure you’ll recall when the infamously ridiculous conservative pundit told America that the media wanted a black quarterback to do well…

Whoa! Limbaugh said something controversial about race that touched a nerve! No one expected that. At the time ESPN received exactly what the network signed up for when it brought Limbaugh aboard for what turned out to be a very short stay on NFL Countdown: ratings, and a giant headache. Limbaugh resigned immediately amid the public backlash because of his comments on McNabb and his relationship with the media.

Now over seven years later we’re seeing a role reversal. Well, sort of.

Limbaugh stood up for McNabb after Bernard Hopkins’ utterly moronic race comments last week, although he’s quick to say that he didn’t necessarily bash McNabb to begin with. On his national radio show Limbaugh verbally crossed his arms, tilted his head, and defended his dear friend Donovan:

This is just the latest in what has been a long line of attacks on Donovan McNabb from black individuals and organizations. …They have accused — and I can’t use the term. It’s a purely totally unacceptable term, but they refer to McNabb by using the N-word, and they say he’s a sellout; that McNabb befriends the white power brokers of the Eagles. …

I said nothing close to what Bernard Hopkins was saying. I never said a word about McNabb and blackness. I was talking about the media from start to finish….This poor guy cannot, he cannot catch a break. And it’s disgruntled African Americans that are jumping down his case, about the way he was raised? It is horrible, it is distasteful. His parents are out there having to defend the way they raised him, and all they tried to do was give him opportunity after opportunity, expose he and his brother to various things. It’s just amazing to watch this.

Yes, we’ve reached the point in this lockout where Rush Limbaugh is the voice of reason, loudly and proudly calling out Hopkins for his supremely distasteful assessment of McNabb’s suntan.

Next week, Marvin Lewis will begin saying nice things about Chad Ochocinco, and Mike Singletary will buy Vernon Davis a yacht.