Yesterday — citing a lack of stuff to talk about that doesn’t contain the words “appeal” or “injunction” — we relayed an answer from a recent Adam Schefter ESPN Insider mailbag in which Schefter claims that New England would be a logical fit for the disgruntled Chad Ochocinco.

Today, there’s even less to talk about. So here’s a new report on potential landing spots for Ochocinco, courtesy‘s Jason La Canfora, who names four potential landing spots for the 33-year-old in decline:

Oakland: La Canfora’s “best bet,” mainly because new Raiders coach Hue Jackson was Ocho’s position coach in Cincinnati between 2004 and 2006. Al Davis isn’t afraid to take chances on guys like him, so this does make a lot of sense.

Seattle: As La Canfora points out, Pete Carroll chased Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall last year. But I still can’t see this happening.

Washington: Dan Snyder could easily fall into the Drew Rosenhaus trap one more time, especially if Santana Moss leaves town.

Chicago: I don’t understand this one — I don’t think Mike Martz will want anything to do with Ochocinco.

I didn’t like Schefter’s thoughts on New England, either. Honestly, I believe that Ocho has lost enough focus and physical prowess that he isn’t worthy of a starting job anywhere, but someone — maybe a team looking for some extra off-field attention — will take a chance on him.

If I had to bet on his next team, I’d go with Oakland. I’d also like to add the Texans, Chiefs, Lions and Rams to the conversation.