The legendary Phil Jackson made his retirement official last week, making Bill Belichick the richest head coach in North America, according to Forbes.

They estimate that Belichick makes approximately $7.5 million per year, which puts him about $500,000 ahead of Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.

The difference, of course, is that Shanahan has flopped early on in Washington. Belichick is a three-time Super Bowl winner who deserves every dollar he makes (which is saying a lot).

Belichick and Shanahan are followed by Dov Rivers, who just signed a lucrative extension with the Celtics, and the unproven (on a pro level) Pete Carroll.

Other NFL coaches to make the top 10: Lovie Smith ($6 million), Ken Whisenhunt ($5.75 million), Tom Coughlin ($5.25 million) and Mike Tomlin ($5 million).

How sad is it that the NFL teams with the highest paid head coaches in the league (after New England) are Washington, Seattle, Chicago and Arizona?

(Via ESPN NFL Nation)

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  1. Oh, Sean Payton ain’t gettin’ paid? For real?

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