Years from now when this horrible lockout mess is over, we’ll tell jokes and laugh. Remember that time when Roger Goodell actually called a guy in Argentina? Awesome! Or how about when Chad Ochocinco thought riding a piece of bucking steak was a good idea? Hilarious!

Oh yes, we’ll all have a hearty chuckle, but the best memory may involve the time that an NFL player actually climbed into a boxing ring with this guy…

The player is Ray Edwards, Minnesota’s defensive end who’s following the lead of Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski and making his boxing debut this Friday. And the monstrosity shown above is Kimbo Slice, the former street fighting king and failed MMA fighter.

Slice is either bored or desperately grasping at a comeback, so upon hearing that Edwards is using his free time during the lockout to put his health and football future at risk in a boxing ring, he expressed a desire to be the one delivering the punches.

In an utterly ridiculous proposal that will never happen, Slice’s promoter Jared Shaw challenged Edwards.

Cage Fighter has Shaw’s reasoning and the latest in bad lockout ideas:

“If Ray Edwards wants to step up and fight Kimbo Slice I will deliver that to the public. There’s two guys that come from athletic backgrounds, that haven’t been in the ring that many times, so let’s see two big boys bang it out. If Ray Edwards thinks he’s a great boxer, then maybe he thinks he can go through Kevin Ferguson very quickly.”

At a time when other players are hesitant to even work out at all during the lockout, Edwards’ decision to pursue a heavyweight title (his words, not mine) is already bad enough without taking on a behemoth battering ram. He’s most likely done with the Vikings, and at the very least is set to be a restricted free agent if and when such a thing exists. That means lots of money, and getting punched in the face while waiting to make that money perhaps isn’t the best career move.

But who am I to step up on my tiny box of soap and read the athletic code of conduct to a 26-year-old in his prime? Fight, young man, fight while you still can. And better yet, fight Slice, because I’d fork over a good chunk of change for that bout.

In fact, we should start the Kimbo NFL destruction tour, in which any player who’s said even in passing that he’d be good at boxing will be faced with the scraggly beard and bald head of Slice. A triple threat match between Ochocinco, Marvin Lewis, and Slice will be the first main event.