• Alex Smith wouldn’t mind returning to San Francisco next season. Here’s to hoping that all goes well if the free agent quarterback resigns and holds a place for Colin Kaepernick, and that Smith starts to hear some different chants from the home crowd.
  • Oh and speaking of those 49ers fans who may or may not endure the pain of a few more wobbly Smith passes before Kaepernick takes over, they received a swift kick to the groin courtesy of the fine people at Football Outsiders.
  • Four months prior to the first game check being missed, one unnamed player has reportedly taken out a $500,000 loan which comes with a whopping 23 percent interest rate attached. As Mike Florio points out for the non-math majors in the crowd (*raises hand sheepishly*), that’s $115,000 per year in interest.
  • Julio Jones feels great after a medical re-check on the broken bone in his foot, and the newest Falcons receiver told the world on Twitter that he can start running at full speed now. He would also like you to know that he’s #winning, because that’s apparently still cool.
  • With the exception of Chris Long, looking back on the Rams drafting between 2006 and 2008 is quite scary.
  • Jay Cutler has been a verbal casualty of war twice this week during the Wisconsin Senate race.
  • Lions receiver Nate Burleson doesn’t think the additions of Titus Young and Mikel Leshoure will help to keep double teams away from Calvin Johnson. That’s because Megatron is just too damn good.
  • Since about February the conflicting and varied reports on Da’Quan Bowers‘ injured knee and its impact on his career have surfaced almost daily. But the newest one from Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated is downright scary. Pauline writes that Bowers has a “50-50 shot” at being the same dominant defensive end that he was at Clemson.
  • Cornerback Richard Taylor was signed by the Jets as a reserve in late January, and is one of the many fringe players whose future employment is being severely hindered by the lockout because of their reliance on minicamps to earn a roster spot. But what he demonstrates here is that one thing we’re sorely lacking during the lockout is movie trailer-style videos of players working out. In fact, I’d like my day at work to be documented in this fashion. Consider how dramatic it would be watching a scrawny blogger sit at a desk, sip coffee, type occasionally, and drink more coffee: (via the Jets Blog)

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