You know things are getting weird when ESPN reporters are breaking stories via Sports Illustrated columnists. I can’t determine why Sal Paolantonio decided to deliver this information to a competitor, rather than, you know, writing a report of his own. But that’s how it went down:

Kevin Kolb-to-Arizona has been a popular rumor for some time, but things reached a whole new level the moment a prominent reporter based in Philadelphia dropped that bomb on the Twitterverse.

The thing is: Will Philly like the compensation? And how can a trade be a “slam dunk” if the compensation is unidentified?

The Cardinals are cheap and the Eagles have a hell of a lot of love for Kolb, so I’m still skeptical. While I believe that the Cards would obviously prefer Kolb or Kyle Orton to Marc Bulger or another washed-up scrub, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the front office. I’m still betting they end up settling for a guy like Bulger.

And there’s a good chance that won’t end well.