• It’s somewhere between amazing and depressing that because of the lockout, John BeckJohn Beck!–has become the face of one of the main positional talking points around the league. Hogs Haven breaks down how the hell this happened.
  • Another prominent coach has echoed the words of Bill Belichick, with Andy Reid saying that the longer the lockout continues, the more the on-field product will suffer.
  • This week’s sign of the lockout apocalypse: Jim Harbaugh needed league permission to bring flowers to Alex Smith’s wife after the birth of their first child.
  • It sure doesn’t sound like cornerback Carlos Rogers will be returning to Washington.
  • As Michael Silver told us yesterday, Monday’s ruling by the Eighth Circuit Court was certainly a defeat for the players, but it was by no means a death blow. And as Pro Football Talk says, the option of actually shutting down the NFL if the lockout is lifted will soon be thrown out the window. Put them together, and somewhere there’s some optimism for football. Somewhere.
  • I was just wondering if 2011 is the last chance for Bills linebacker Aaron Maybin to make an impact. If only there was a Bills blog thinking the exact same thing
  • Lance Briggs thinks there’s a pretty clear answer to Chicago’s rather unclear depth chart at linebacker. Whenever free agency of some kind begins, four of the Bears’ veteran linebackers will be free agents, and Briggs says the solution is simple.
  • With perhaps the best lockout quote yet from an owner, Jerry Jones says he didn’t spend $1.2 billion to build a stadium and not have the Cowboys play in it. Jerry, let us remind you that the Super Bowl proved your ability to sell anything to anyone, even if there isn’t appropriate seating. We’re confident that if the league’s nightmare scenario plays out and games are lost this fall, you’ll be able to put chickens in football uniforms and play out an entire season every Sunday broadcasted on giant monitors. People will pay a minimum of $200 for admission, and no one will think this is strange.
  • I realize I’m linking to a post that’s two posts below this one, but while looking back on Gagnon’s work from yesterday it’s remarkable how much Tom Brady’s appearance has changed. Now it’s as if he’s adopted some hockey playoff inspired rule that he won’t cut his hair until the lockout is over.

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