At this point we could probably have an entire blog that deals only with the activities of players during this locked out offseason, and what they’re doing with the free time provided by the labor lunacy. Eventually if this CBA mess drags on long enough we’ll start that blog. It’ll be called Goal-Line Stand.

Aside from working out and staying in shape for a season that may or may not happen, we’ve seen a wide variety of offseason activities, showing that players weren’t lying when they said they’re enjoying themselves. While Chad Ochocino attends soccer tryouts and rides a bull for a little more than one second, Tom Brady has been gleefully enjoying water slides after exposing his bare armpits to the open air. Some Falcons players are passing the time by playing with beluga whales, while Ray Edwards has enjoyed boxing so much that he’s going to continue punching and being punched even when football resumes. There’s been no official decision on that Kimbo Slice challenge yet though.

As entertaining and fun as all of those antics have been–and we’re sure there are many more to come–it’s always interesting to see how an elite athlete fares during a shift as one of the emergency workers we rely on so heavily. Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander was humbled when he became a Washington firefighter for a day.

(via MyFox and With Leather)

Redskins Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander Learns Firefighting: