Kevin Kolb is going to eventually be traded to the Arizona Cardinals, according to everyone in the entire world.

The most recent rumor connecting Kolb to Arizona comes from ESPN’s John Clayton, who claims that “the Cardinals will end up moving boldly to acquire” Kolb.

And for the Cardinals, that would indeed be bold. They aren’t usually heavy hitters in free agency or the trade market. But Clayton thinks that if the Cards can’t hit a home run in their attempt to land the Eagles’ backup, they’ll keep swinging in an attempt to get the underrated Kyle Orton from Denver.

My money’s on them striking out, at least in their push for Kolb. I just can’t see that organization spending that kind of money.

“The risk of acquiring Kolb is doubled by the reality that he’ll end up asking for and getting a $60 million or $70 million contract,” writes Clayton. “He is in the last year of his contract, and no team giving up a first-round pick or two second-rounders is going to trade for him and then let him walk in free agency.”

Clayton thinks the odds of Arizona acquiring Kolb are 2-1, with Seattle (10-1) and Miami (100-1) also in “contention.” But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kolb back in Philadelphia in 2011, even though it wouldn’t be what’s best for him.