Ralph Wilson continues to insist that he has no intention of selling the Buffalo Bills in his lifetime. But Ralph Wilson is 92. And the Buffalo Bills aren’t really raking in dollars.

With the prospect of a move to Toronto or Los Angeles or (fill in the blank) looming, a Buffalo native has made it public that he desires to purchase the team with help from investors.

Or, more specifically, he’s “thinking about thinking about it.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

High-profile bond-fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach says he’s in the early stages of attempting to acquire the Buffalo Bills.

“I’m trying to put a group together to buy it,’ he said Thursday, adding that he has floated the idea to several wealthy clients for whom he manages money. The discussions are in the early stages, he said. “Now, I’m thinking about thinking about it.”

Brought up in Buffalo, Gundlach was a star fund manager for Trust Co. of the West, or TCW, which he joined as a bond analyst in 1985. After an acrimonious split with TCW, Gundlach founded DoubleLine Capital, which is headquartered in Los Angeles.

This isn’t the first time someone with his heart in Buffalo has talked about organizing a group of rich dudes in an effort to essentially save the Bills from becoming a free agent upon Wilson’s death. Jim Kelly has repeated to me and others that he plans on making a push for the team when the time comes for such a move to be necessary. Tom Golisano and Terry Pegula have also been mentioned.

But everyone’s treading carefully, because no one wants to say something that they’ll regret, especially considering the fact that we’re dealing with the life and death of a legend.

It’s clear that Gundlach realizes that the Bills won’t be available while Wilson is alive. Still, it’s a good thing for the people of Buffalo that yet another name can be added to the list of potential future owners who would at least give Western New York a legitimate shot at keeping its franchise.