• Happy Monday everyone, especially to our American friends enjoying Memorial Day. I know just what you need to kick off the third day of your long weekend down south too: an estimate that there’s now a 70% chance the lockout will erase games in September.
  • Santonio Holmes has received an interesting little tidbit of information from the pages of Rex Ryan‘s book. Ryan wrote that when the Jets traded for Holmes following his banishment from Pittsburgh, Roger Goodell was a willing pawn in his ploy to create a bond with the Jets’ new stud receiver.
  • Arrowhead Pride takes a stab at predicting the Kansas City Chiefs’ depth chart for 2011. Here’s to hoping we can soon see many similar offseason filler prognostication posts without the obligatory disclaimer about empty stadiums this fall.
  • Continuing with our Memorial Day filler, here’s a ridiculously early breakdown of the Saints cornerbacks, and the competition that can be expected at the position if training camp ever starts.
  • Bills rookie nose tackle Michael Jasper can bench 500 pounds. I think one of my arms just shattered while I wrote that.
  • It wouldn’t be Memorial Day without a tribute to Pat Tillman.
  • Seahawks player representative Chester Pitts was his usual candid self while speaking to Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com. Pitts took exception to some recent comments by Kurt Warner, and said the players are digging in their heels for a long labor fight (awesome!).
  • Cardinals offensive lineman Rex Hadnot knows he has an opportunity to become a consistent starter following the retirement of Alan Faneca.
  • Tony Romo and Candice Crawford finally tied the knot on Saturday during football’s version of the royal wedding. There were pleasant romantic candles, an elegant outdoor setting, and Leonard Davis dressing up for the occasion with a stylish black baseball cap.

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