Yesterday, Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King voiced a concern about the Colts signing Peyton Manning to a long-term contract despite Manning having undergone two neck surgeries in 16 months. My reaction: That makes one of us. Frankly, two minor procedures on the neck doesn’t alert me that a quarterback is going to have his career cut short.

Colts president Bill Polian sees it our way. Polian called King yesterday from Italy to clarify the team’s stance. From King’s Tuesday column:

I did ask him about whether the Colts have some trepidation about signing Manning, given the two neck surgeries.

“We’ve got little or no worry,” said Polian. “This was just a minor procedure to relieve a little pressure on the nerve [in Manning's neck]. I told them [Colts officials] to call me if there were any further problems, and no one’s called.”

Of course, what did we expect Polian to say? “Oh yeah, I’m worried. There’s no way we’re giving him a five-year deal now that he’s undergone the procedure twice in just over a year. We’re pretty much looking to find and groom a replacement ASAP.”