• The move to rip the offensive keys out of Donovan McNabb‘s hands was reportedly done with heavy influence from Kyle Shanahan, Washington’s offensive coordinator and the son of the head coach.
  • The Eagles will trade Kevin Kolb once the lockout is over, or at least we hope they do because if not then we’ve wasted a few months of quality speculation time. When the trigger is finally pulled on that trade, Mike Kafka is more than ready to become the new backup in Philadelphia.
  • Will the combustion of the Ohio State football program and Jim Tressel on Monday have any impact on the NFL? Potentially, and it’ll likely involve a certain quarterback who’s well known to Columbus car dealers.
  • Former Michigan Wolverine and current Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham predictably wasn’t too upset about the departure of Tressel.
  • Yesterday we slammed into the cold hard rock bottom of the lockout, and let’s hope we never see a day like that again. Gagnon was so lost that the poor little guy walked around a park holding the scraps of a Peter King story and mumbling to himself. At a dark time like this it’s nice to have people like Adam Schefter around to remind us that there’s now 100 days until the season starts…or doesn’t start.
  • While we feel sorry for ourselves because we have no free agency or transaction news to dissect in May, the real victims of the lockout are the hundreds of undrafted college players.
  • Blogging the Boys takes an interesting look at the growth of social media use by NFL teams over the past year. While fans are continually climbing aboard through Facebook and Twitter, many teams have seen the traffic on their website take a steep tumble.
  • Titans wide receiver Damian Williams wasn’t given much of an opportunity in 2010 as a rookie, but he’s ready for an increased role now, and Music City Miracles thinks he’ll start opposite Kenny Britt.
  • In case you missed it yesterday, here’s the latest round of Toronto NFL advocating by the Ford brothers, with the usual dose of zany comments.
  • Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has made journalism history by mentioning Jaromir Jagr and Plaxico Burress in the same sentence.

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