A Redskins logo on a tooth

Football fans generally set and cross the lines for fan insanity each Sunday, although Vancouver Canucks fans are beginning to establish their own unique brand of lunacy.

Selecting the NFL’s craziest fanbase is like trying to pick the smartest person on the cast of Jersey Shore. It’s a contest that doesn’t exactly lend itself to a clear-cut winner.

When faced with this impossible task there was a time when I would have awarded a tie between Raiders fans for their dangerously spiky Black Hole costumes, and the Packers fans who brave the bitter cold and teach their birds to sing team songs.

But between the man who tattooed the entire list of Redskins Hall of Famers on his back, and a girl whose permanent dental artwork is pictured below, I’m beginning to think that Washington is winning.

Hat tip to Mr. Irrelevant