• As we mentioned in this space yesterday, the departure of Jim Tressel from Ohio State immediately re-ignited speculation that Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor could declare for the NFL via the supplemental draft in July. The prognosis on Pryor’s NFL future whenever he chooses to pursue it has been a tale of two extremes, with Mel Kiper Jr. forecasting a switch to tight end. Logically, ESPN sought the opinion of Matt Millen, the failed GM turned failed analyst.
  • Oh and don’t worry, because even with this pesky little lockout thing, league spokesman Greg Aiello said that a supplemental draft will take place. But as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells us, it’s easy to give lip service to a major event on the league’s calendar, but a court fight could soon follow. If Pryor and his four Buckeye teammates suspended for five games next fall do indeed declare for the NFL, there’s no way out of this for the league that doesn’t involve pain.
  • Mikel Leshoure will join Detroit’s player-organized workouts next week, and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is eager to go through the playbook with the second-round pick.
  • Former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell had some stern words of warning for Kevin Kolb regarding Andy Reid‘s ability to keep his promises.
  • Jets offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson has a $750,000 bonus built into his contract if he participates in team workouts this offseason. The problem of course is that there likely won’t be any official workouts, and the play-organized sessions mean little for Ferguson’s pocket book. Like any player trying to maintain some sense of sanity during this lockout, Ferguson isn’t worrying about what he can’t control.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are hiring seasonal stadium staff (ushers, vendors, etc.). So I guess if all other teams follow suit and have their staff prepared this fall we’ll just be waiting for actual games to be played…
  • The Battle Red Blog asks the Texans to please refrain from splitting the league’s leading rusher out wide and rolling with an empty backfield.
  • The wedding registry for Tony Romo and Candice Crawford’s big day was rather ridiculous for two people who aren’t short on disposable income.
  • In 2008 EA Sports stopped producing its Madden games for PC, instantly making Madden ’08 a relic for tech nerds everywhere. The game is especially a collector’s item for Colts fans with the glorious hidden joys it provides those who yearn to watch Peyton Manning throw to Marvin Harrison just one more time.

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