• Steve Smith–the Giants’ Steve Smith, not that other overrated guy in Carolina–was a reliable target for Eli Manning prior to his knee injury last year, and in 2009 he had 1,220 yards and made his first Pro Bowl. He’ll be a free agent whenever we can use that title without a disclaimer, and he told Pro Football Talk that he’s recovering well from surgery, and that he fully expects to be back with the Giants.
  • A small group of NFL owners that included Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones reportedly held a secret meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.
  • The Bills will finally unveil their new uniforms on June 24 in a four-hour event. Yes, it takes four hours to officially unveil uniforms that were accidentally leaked to the public in late April.
  • According to a Harris poll tracking fan interest, there are a lot of sore knees on the Indianapolis bandwagon. Aside from a handful of die-hards, a fanbase that appears passionate and strong essentially didn’t exist prior to Peyton Manning being drafted in 1998.
  • The MLB announced that it will expand the World Baseball Classic to 28 teams in 2013, which prompted Niners Nation to ponder an interesting question: will the NFL ever reach similar global status? Or is the sport’s domination of the North American market sufficient?
  • The Dolphins could see both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown depart through free agency, leaving a gaping void at running back. Daniel Thomas was drafted in the second round as a potential replacement, but Lex Hilliard is hoping that he’s convinced Tony Sparano to look internally.
  • Kenny Britt had his charges downgraded, and he’s no longer facing a felony offense after his game of hide-and-seek with the local authorities in April.
  • Lions safety Louis Delmas has fully recovered from offseason groin surgery.
  • Former Buckeye star A.J. Hawk defended Jim Tressel, saying the now departed Ohio State coach was “loyal to a fault.”
  • ESPN rolled out their “Faces of the Lockout” yesterday, a series taking a look at some of the perhaps overlooked people and businesses who have felt the impact of the lockout. The tales of football withdrawal and lost revenue range from the empty tables at Doug’s Fish Fry in Cortland, New York, to a hotel owner in Cleveland whose most reliable customer is the Browns.

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