Everyone and their grandmother believes Tiki Barber is attempting a comeback for one reason and one reason only: money. Barber recently went through a nasty divorce and it seems quite odd that a guy who walked away so securely five years ago would suddenly have the itch for any other reason at the age of 36.

But Barber’s brother Ronde has another theory: Tiki wants to redeem his reputation.

From Charlie Campbell of the Pewter Report:

Players like wide receiver Randy Moss, linebacker Ray Lewis and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger are some recent NFL stars that have had controversy off the field that was mitigated by finding success on the field. Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber believes that his twin brother, Tiki, is the next player to follow that trend. Ronde thinks that Tiki can find redemption in the eyes of the public in a similar manner as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

“Absolutely. I’m sure it will work for Plaxico [Burress] when someone gives Tiki a chance. He’ll come back dominant, and [his off-field problems] will be a side story,” said Barber. “In some people’s minds you are always going to be that (a pariah), but at least in your mind you can find some redemption.”

If that’s the case, Tiki took a curious approach to winning over the public when he decided to compare himself to Anne Frank late last month. But maybe his strategy is to completely ruin his rep before building it back up by becoming a geriatric football superstar.