With the NFL work stoppage in its 84th day, Chad Ochocinco has found work to keep the cash flowing during these hard times. And it required the Bengals receiver to obtain a work permit through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Ochocinco is shooting a film in Montreal.

Prior to his arrival in La Belle Province, the man formerly known as Chad Johnson tweeted that he’ll stay in Canada if the lockout lasts. And the city of Montreal seems to be treating him nicely. Ochocinco was greeted by Canadian fans at the airport and he’s already begun hunting down Julia Roberts, who’s in town shooting “Snow White.” Oh, and he was quite excited about his brightly-colored per diem, although he might be underestimating how expensive that city is.

Apparently he’s filming a cameo for some Spike TV comedy entitled “Blue Mountain State.”

More details, via Cincy Jungle:

The episode is set to air in September. Ochocinco will be playing himself as a former captain of the Blue Mountain State football team, who is helping the team initiate the new team captain.

So there ya go. I honestly have nothing else to write about.