• After being a stud at West Virginia and quickly emerging in his rookie season, it looked like Steve Slaton could be the future of the Houston Texans’ backfield. Then a harsh case of fumbilitis set in, and some guy named Arian Foster took his starting job and led the league in rushing. So now it’s no surprise to read that the preseason (insert generic comment about the possibility of a drastically shortened preseason) could be used to showcase and hopefully trade Slaton.
  • Archie Manning gave a spin-free assessment of Peyton’s recovery from neck surgery, saying the Colts quarterback isn’t “where he wants to be.”
  • Donald Driver would like to give a speech in front of a crowd in Canton, Ohio one day.
  • The Cowboys will enter the 2011 season with a group of veteran players at key offensive positions who have been in Jason Garrett‘s system for several seasons. Blogging the Boys thinks it’s time to utilize this experience and use a no-huddle offense more often.
  • Dan Wetzel argues that there are few similarities between the prison sentences served by Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress. Vick was a hardened criminal, while Burress was a moron who made the kind of mistake that a moron makes with a gun.
  • Over the past few weeks with Burress’ release date nearing, former teammate and close friend Brandon Jacobs has been treated as some kind of Deep Throat with insider information on the wide receiver’s future football intentions. At first Jacobs said Plax wouldn’t return to the Giants, but now he’s saying there’s a chance. I think he has now idea what the hell he’s talking about, and he’s just bored like the rest of us.
  • Well I guess we can cross Atlanta off of Burress’ list of destinations, not that the Falcons were really on the list to begin with anyway. There’s clearly little need for a veteran receiver with baggage on a team that just traded every pick it has for the next 13 years to acquire Julio Jones.
  • Reservation for Six doesn’t just stop at the main rumoured landing spots for Burress. All 32 teams are considered, with a brief explanation given for why Burress should or shouldn’t be added.
  • The longer this lockout continues, the more the NFL risks seeing its stars excel at other jobs and lose their interest in football. For example, we think James Harrison has found his calling as a cheesy, annoying, low-budget car salesman:

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