File this under the category of “Probably not worth an entire blog post,” but ESPN‘s “Monday Night Football” has changed its look for the third consecutive year.

The transition from 2009 to 2010 was mild — they just removed the 40th season stuff.



But the changes made in advance of next season are quite bold. Literally.


Now, for those of you who think this is completely useless news, consider that “Monday Night Football” is probably ESPN’s most lucrative and valued product. Would viewers still tune in if the logo was a shot of Anthony Weiner’s bulge or a piece of dog turd covered in hair? Yes, but a polished new look can’t hurt.

Analysis from ESPN creative director Michael Ruddy:

“After exploring a variety of design solutions, we created a bold, symmetrical badge that contains and showcases ESPN, Monday Night Football and the NFL shield. The logo was designed with a sculpted framework that adds strength. The color red dominates the palette, and the stadium lights around ESPN illuminate the badge and exemplify that MNF is in primetime. Metal, rubber and pigskin textures also add tactility.”

Sure, why not…