• Yesterday we suggested that instead of pursuing the NFL through the supplemental draft–if there is one–and seeing his value potentially plunge, Terrelle Pryor should hone his craft in either the CFL or UFL. When the Saskatchewan Roughriders acquired Pryor’s negotiating rights the first small step was taken to bring the former Buckeye north.
  • Pryor still needs to make a decision regarding his immediate future, meaning any connection with the CFL appears to be little more than strong interest out of Saskatchewan at this point. However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported this morning that the Roughriders are “already talking to and targeting” Pryor. Just give him a car, that always works.
  • Hogs Haven would like to see the Redskins acquire a reliable backup to play behind John Beck, who’s currently slated to begin next season as the team’s unreliable starter. The solution? Caleb Hanie.
  • Jordan Palmer, Cincinnati’s backup quarterback and the far less famous Palmer, called his brother Carson a “former teammate.” Oops.
  • Roger Goodell says the league’s intention is for fans to benefit from the lockout. Good, now I feel better.
  • Hey, call this another example of NFL lockout boredom and writers trying to avoid talking to plants if you must, but I’m genuinely intrigued by a list breaking down the league’s best Williams’. Who knows, maybe soon enough we’ll take a page from our friends over at Houses of the Hockey and do a list of the best NFL players by color.
  • David Garrard sure is taking this whole Blaine Gabbert thing in stride, saying that “if he’s better than me, he should play.”
  • Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is quite familiar with evaluating a recently imprisoned player who has the potential to make a major contribution on the field. However, he said the franchise’s experience with Michael Vick will have little bearing on their consideration of Plaxico Burress.
  • Blogging the Boys has a few ideas on how to solve Dallas’ issues at safety.
  • Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer has the best line I’ve read so far to describe the difficulties facing rookie quarterbacks trying to learn without coaches present this offseason. Daugherty wrote that it’s “like passing the bar, without going to law school.”

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