That’s what Titans receiver Nate Washington is thinking, per Darren McFarland of Titan Insider:

“The league is about to send guys out there to play in the most physical professional sport without the proper preparation. Now we’re talking about livelihood and getting guys heads knocked off that aren’t on the same page,” Washington said. “We need to be back around the coaches, so we’re in the right spots and so things won’t go in a negative way.”

Listen, I’m prepared to blame the lockout for pretty much everything that’s bad in the world. I firmly believe that, if not for the lockout, Muammar Gaddafi would’ve been captured and Libya would be free, Tracy Morgan wouldn’t have gone off on a homophobic rant, and the German people would be healthier than ever.

But I do not believe that the current work stoppage will have any bearing on a player’s ability to stay healthy. Frankly, offseason activities — whether they’re organized by coaches or players — are about touching base and making sure everyone still has their limbs intact. The bread and butter of a playbook isn’t taught and practiced until training camp, and training camps will take place in 2011, regardless of how long the lockout lingers.