• ‘Tis the season for speculation since we have little else to do until the labor mess is finally resolved. That’s why the futures of Plaxico Burress and Terrelle Pryor dominated headlines last week, and that’s why the possible NFL future of Jim Tressel continues to hover around the keyboards of prominent NFL columnists like Dan Pompei.
  • Oh, and at least 20 newborns were given the name “Tressel” since 2003 in the state of Ohio. Hopefully Pennsylvania didn’t follow that lead, because “Paterno” just doesn’t roll of the tongue as easily.
  • Shonn Greene will get another chance to be the top running back in the Jets’ backfield, and he told the Newark Star-Ledger that the lockout won’t slow his transition.
  • Among the items addressed by Cleveland Plain-Dealer scribe Tony Grossi in his weekly mailbag are how the 2012 draft would be handled if the season is cancelled–which is looking increasingly unlikely–and what a fair asking price is for Steve Slaton.
  • Peter King is still optimistic that a labor deal will be reached soon, but he won’t use fun, uber-optimistic words like “imminent.”
  • With Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards becoming free agents, the Jets likely won’t be able to retain both receivers and they’ll have to make a decision. It’s looking like that decision has already been made.
  • Like many coaches, Atlanta’s Mike Smith is beginning to go a little crazy during the lockout. Empty locker rooms just aren’t normal in early June.
  • One of the players Smith misses talking to is Roddy White, the Falcons wide receiver who chose not to attend Atlanta’s player-organized workouts. Over half the roster didn’t attend either, but the absence of any high-profile player will clearly receive more attention. The man who throws to White doesn’t mind though.
  • Stampede Blue thinks the Colts have a three-year window remaining to win another championship, but that’s not such a bad thing.
  • Cadillac Williams was the most efficient third-down back in the league last year, ranking ahead of leading rusher Arian Foster, and bruisers like Michael Turner.

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