It looks as though we’re on the verge of being able to put that silly Anchorman picture away for good. Same for the above category tag entitled “CBA mess.”

It’s amazing how quickly the “mess” has been cleaned up. At this point, it seems as though we simply have to sweep the final pile of lint and dirt into the dustpan of collective bargaining before taking it out to the trash and forgetting it was ever there.

A new pair of uber-positive labor reports have emerged. The first comes courtesy of CBS Sports’ Michael Freeman. Sources tell Freeman that a new agreement could be reached “within a matter of days.”

One source with intimate knowledge of the discussions tells me negotiations are 80-85 percent complete. They’ve made such fast progress, I’m told, it’s catching many of the principals by surprise. Some are now canceling vacations, believing an agreement will be reached within a matter of days.

Basically, it seems, we continue to move solidly into that threshold of a season will be played, not if one will be played. Again, barring the knucklehead factor.

“It’s going to be very difficult for this to get screwed up,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports reports that the framework of a new CBA could be in place by the weekend, which just happens to be “a matter of days” from now.

“A June 30 or July 4 announcement is a reasonable expectation,” the source said. “My sense is that by week’s end they are likely to have some substantial framework if not a complete plan to go back and present to the owners and the players.”

This all sort of makes me wonder why we were pushing the panic button on a constant, life-depends-on-it basis a la Desmond from “Lost” way back in March. I understand that hindsight is glorious, but why couldn’t we see this coming? Why didn’t we know that the two sides would eventually feel the heat and cave on major bargaining points due to the fact that billions would be lost as soon as games had to be cancelled?

I guess it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, let’s just be thankful that the NFL looks as though it’ll begin the regular season on time for 24th straight year.

And in conclusion, GLS is ready to move up our end-of-lockout prediction from July 8. Our new gestimate? Friday, July 1.

And I don’t mean to be corny, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I wrote this post.