Alright Tom that’s it, we surrender. You can do anything, and still be one of the most talented and luckiest men on Earth.

This includes but is not limited to enjoying a relaxing ride on a child’s scooter, screaming gleefully while experiencing the rush of a 12-foot water slide, comforting a goat, and setting man back several decades by combining bad hair with bad dancing. It defies all laws of human attraction that Brady can do all of this and remain married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

If anything, this proves a common Brady hypothesis. No level of embarrassment will break this man, even armpit shaving.

This latest piece of viral fodder comes in the name of selling out making money through advertising. Brady was shooting a commercial for UGG boots on Thursday, and one of the scenes requiring the use of a unique body camera for point-of-view shots. During a break he kept the camera on and played with his dog Lua.

Hat tip to Barstool Sports Boston