• Apropos of nothing, we begin with an item that will get the debate juices flowing, and maybe/hopefully make you angry. ESPN’s James Walker re-visited the Ben Roethlisberger Hall of Fame debate yesterday, noting that three Super Bowl rings grants automatic entry for quarterbacks. Big Ben came one drive short of that mark last February.
  • After speaking to a handful of players, Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com feels that the changes made by the owners to the new CBA should pass a vote by the players “somewhat easily.”
  • Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel says the Dolphins plan to add a running back through free agency whose skills contrast those of Daniel Thomas, their second-round pick in this year’s draft.
  • We’ll keep hearing about how players have used their free time during the lockout until the day this labor mess is finally resolved. It’s been one of the most entertaining/intriguing aspects of this hellish process. The latest is another story of a player finishing his education, and this time it’s Detroit’s Turk McBride.
  • Jason Snelling wouldn’t mind staying in Atlanta, and The Falcoholic wouldn’t mind seeing him return to the Falcons’ backfield.
  • A.J. Hawk still doesn’t think the lockout will effect the defending champs as much as other teams that are rebuilding or installing new schemes. He’s probably right.
  • The Raiders Blog predicts that once the market for hidden gems–otherwise known as undrafted free agents–opens, Oakland will be aggressive in their pursuit of linebackers.
  • Eventually we’ll go a full 24 hours without a comment from anyone regarding Tiki Barber and Plaxico Burress, who are easily the two most over-hyped free agents in recent memory. Sadly, that didn’t happen in this particular 24-hour cycle, as Mike Tomlin was asked about the two veterans, and said little.
  • Bleeding Green Nation takes a look at how the league’s quarterbacks stack up when using yards per attempt, the primary evaluation tool of Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.
  • Reggie Bush continues to reel in highly attractive women, but that’s a feat easily accomplishment by any well-toned athlete with money (accept my apologies for the sweeping stereotype, but c’mon, Adriana Lima married Marko Jaric). The issue we’re all overlooking here is Bush’s clear inability to shake his infatuation with Kim Kardashian, because he’s still dating women who could be her twin.
  • Terrelle Pryor has been throwing passes to Chad Ochocinco and Antonio Brown during workouts organized by Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for all three players. Tomorrow Pryor and Ocho are going bull riding.
  • Pryor has also been working with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, and their sessions together will be the focus of Gruden’s QB Camp set to air on June 30.

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