If the evolution of police tactics ever leads to the actual employment of football cops who launch menacing black balls, I fear for the fate of humanity if the Manning brothers lead this group of new law enforcers.

Sure, they’re superstars on the football field. Both brothers have Super Bowl rings, and Peyton is particularly decorated as an 11-time Pro Bowler and four-time MVP. But Eli led the league in interceptions last year, and Peyton has the mobility of John Madden during a Thanksgiving turducken feast.

It’ll get worse if a new breed of criminals dubbed the “Receiver Robbers” emerges and is led by David Tyree. That dude can’t drop Eli’s passes, even if they hit him directly in the cranium. The powers of the football cops would be rendered useless.

Thankfully we can all resume normal breathing, because football cops don’t exist. I know, I was fooled for a bit there too, but it’s just a hilarious and genius web campaign by DirectTV staring the Manning brothers. We first highlighted this little slice of awesome in yesterday’s morning links post, but the official trailer seen below has now been released.

As the Online Video Marketing Guide (apparently there’s a guide now) explains, there are a lot of foggy reports out there regarding what exactly Football Cops is, or what it will be in the future. The “series” is being promoted as a new fall TV drama, and it even has an official website with character bios and plot outlines for three episodes. All we know for sure right now is that this is brilliant viral marketing by DirectTV.