• If Terrell Owens plays at all in 2011 it won’t be until at least mid-November due to a torn ACL. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen first reported the injury and surgery late Sunday night. The details remain murky, with the filming of Owens’ new VH1 series floated as the possible scene of the crime. We knew that all of those players just running around this offseason with no parental supervision was bad news.
  • Meanwhile, Owens’ former Cincinnati running mate was spreading his wisdom once again over the weekend. Chad Ochocinco knows that when a man grows a random beard, he means business.
  • We’re just going to believe anything Ocho says from now on too, because a man who’s crazy enough to even consider wrestling alligators must have a firm grasp on the deeper meaning of life.
  • Also filed under things you may have missed this weekend is the unveiling of the Bills’ new uniforms, meaning that we now have to look beyond the superficial for ways to call the franchise a laughingstock.We’re sure this won’t be too difficult.
  • San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick is one of many rookies who have decided they have more pressing matters than the upcoming NFLPA rookie symposium.
  • Nate Davis of USA Today estimates that only half of the 2011 draft class will attend the usually mandatory rookie symposium. The half that isn’t in attendance will be missing a financial seminar from Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs.
  • If everything works out according to Jack Del Rio‘s plan, Blaine Gabbert will be given plenty of time to develop while playing behind David Garrard this season.
  • How does an offensive coordinator who’s responsible for grooming a top draft pick stay busy during the lockout? Predictably, the battle against insanity involves a lot of game film. A lot.
  • In an entertaining Twitter discussion Sunday, Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal had a back-and-forth with Scott Fujita in which she compared the NFL’s business model to socialism. Nate Dunlevy of 18 to 88 strongly disagrees with Mullen, and outlines the reasons why the league is actually a cartel.
  • The Dolphins might bring in some competition at quarterback for Chad Henne, and Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel tweeted a name that hasn’t been bounced around too much. Dolphins fans weren’t exactly overjoyed at the thought of Derek Anderson bringing his few talents to South Beach.

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