You aren't cool enough to look at this picture of Kerry Rhodes.

For most NFL players, being called “Hollywood” could be perceived as an insult. That word describes an overly charismatic personality, and someone who craves the limelight and is self-centered.

That’s the negative connotation of the tag at least. Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes lives the Hollywood label every offseason. Heck, it’s his nickname.

Choosing to be professionally good looking as a hobby every year from February to July, Rhodes has appeared in two movies, with filming underway on a third. As a model his apparently photogenic mug has graced the covers of hip-hop albums, and when your back issues of Essence arrive in the mail tomorrow, Rhodes’ pearly whites could be blinding.

So it’s clear that Rhodes enjoys others thinking that he’s really, really good looking when he’s not playing a game based on brute force and crushing physicality. It’s also clear that he’s outgoing and completely at ease in front of a camera.

Just don’t ever ask him to wear a man thong. Ever.

Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona caught up with Rhodes after a recent GQ photoshoot in which he was modeling the latest and greatest in Lacoste apparel. Inquisitive minds wanted to know which assets Rhodes was flaunting during this particular shoot. Rhodes said he was able to actually wear some clothes since it was for Lacoste’s 2011 fall line, saying he felt like a “black ken doll”.

Logically, the next question was about Rhodes’ appreciation of man thongs, specifically Euro thongs. Thankfully, he’s not a fan.

FS Arizona: No Euro thongs, then?

Rhodes: No!  I love most things Euro, but I can’t understand the thong, and I definitely won’t wear it.”

Good, that’s settled then. Just another quality getting-to-know-you session made possible by the NFL lockout.

Thanks for the thong update, The Big Lead.