You’re forgiven if you have no idea who the hell David Anderson is, and more importantly, why you should care about him. But for the purposes of this daily update showing how those brave little NFL players are financially clawing their way through the lockout, just know that he’s a Houston Texans wide receiver who had 11 receptions last year, and has three career touchdowns over five seasons.

Anderson waited until the seventh round in 2006 to be selected by the Texans, and is set to make $1.44 million next year during the final season of a two-year contract extension. On the surface that seems like a pretty sizable chunk of change by normal human standards. But around NFL pocketbooks it’s about enough to do one load of laundry, especially since players on Anderson’s level certainly aren’t making guaranteed money.

So in a unique profession–one that pays well, but has nearly zero job security–during a unique time in league history, Anderson has taken a frugal approach to living. That becomes pretty clear during his homemade version of MTV Cribs in which Anderson gives us a tour of his Manhattan Beach condo.

The bathroom is the major selling point, along with the guest accommodations.

Thanks for the latest in NFL homes, Paul Kuharsky.