Much has changed since this picture was taken of the not-so happy couple together two years ago

  • Suddenly the bestest of best friends, DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell not only met yesterday for Day 1 of a four-day negotiating session, but they also hopped on the same plane to Florida for the rookie symposium. NFL executives are so cute when they grow up.
  • The report from Albert Breer linked above indicates that the lawyers for both the players and the league were expected to exchange documents Tuesday and are working on the framework for a settlement. Yahoo’s Jason Cole echoes Breer’s report in his own Tuesday column, while PFT’s Mike Florio pumps some more fuel into the speeding labor optimism train.
  • See, we’re not the only ones making random lists and clawing our way through this lockout.
  • Someone still thinks Brett Favre actually owes the Green Bay Packers something. That someone is Boston Globe writer Greg Bedard, and the Daily Norseman is pissed.
  • Sometimes obvious observations are still stunning when they’re actually quantified. The putrid pass-blocking skills of Bears tight end Brandon Manumaleuna falls under that category.
  • Stampede Blue breaks down the impact of the proposed rise in the salary cap floor.
  • We’d much rather talk about player suspensions and contract holdouts than labor lunacy, and when this mess is finally resolved Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib will likely face some form of punishment from the league for his alleged offseason gun-wielding. But that hasn’t stopped him from attending the Bucs’ player-organized workouts.
  • Staying in Tampa, Bucs veteran guard and soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Davin Joseph doesn’t want to go anywhere, but realizes that what he wants and what may actually happen are two different scenarios.
  • If Jack Del Rio is canned following the 2011 season, Big Cat Country wouldn’t mind seeing the former sideline leader of a Jaguars division rival wearing a headset in Jacksonville.
  • Warren Sapp said yesterday that if he ever needed to cleanse his system with a healthy bout of vomiting during his time as a Raider, he’d just watch Michael Huff practice.

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  1. Boy it’s fun being a Raiders fan… *sigh*

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