Last year Saints quarterback Drew Brees went to South Africa for a USO visit.

  • As we dust ourselves off from a long weekend hangover north of the border, we begin with a tip of the hat to our American friends as they celebrate Independence Day. During his trip to the Middle East as part of the NFL-USO tour, Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak has been assuring soldiers that football will indeed be played this year.
  • Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is also part of the NFL-USO tour. While describing his experiences for the team’s website he talked about what it was like to have soldiers greet him wearing Pat Tillman jerseys.
  • We generally don’t care about preseason football games, and we’re paid to care about football. But losing those meaningless games will have a significant impact on the players and their pocket books.
  • Our lockout updates occur almost daily (what the hell else are we going to write about?), but it’s been a while since we’ve had a Da’Quan Bowers knee update. Bowers’ recovery was a staple of our draft coverage, and two months after his freefall the former Clemson defensive end says he feels great.
  • Speaking of draft evaluation, from January to April we place a lot of emphasis on clear measurables like a players’ 40-yard dash time. But teams consider every possible scenario, including learning disabilities.
  • Hayden Panettiere has evidently moved on from Mark Sanchez, and is now in the meet-the-family stage of her relationship with Jets rookie wide receiver Scotty McKnight.
  • The Seahawks are being mentioned in Kevin Kolb rumblings again, but this time Ryan Wilson of asks a different question: are we sure he’s actually that much better than Charlie Whitehurst?
  • Following his banishment from San Francisco, Mike Singletary gained NFL refuge as the Vikings’ linebackers coach. But will he bring his controversial nutcracker drill to Minnesota?
  • The Rams will likely be shopping for a quality backup and change-of-pace running back to play behind workhorse Steven Jackson once free agency begins, and team insiders told Pro Football Weekly that Darren Sproles is generating the most buzz.
  • Buffalo Rumblings shares a picture of a simple yet effective groom’s cake from over the weekend, proving once again that despite their team’s recent history of futility, Bills fans are still pretty damn crazy.

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