Just when you thought we’ve seen everything during this bizarre offseason between players making alligator friends, wearing women’s underwear on their heads, and riding around in a chicken limo, now we have an attempt to keep a classic Rex Ryan joke alive from an unexpected source.

The source is Alicia Goranson, and if you know who the hell she is then please stop watching re-runs of old 90′s sitcoms and seek some sunlight. Goranson has now faded into the nether regions of child TV stardom, but once upon a time she was Becky from Roseanne, starting in the role when she was 14 and sticking around in a part-time capacity for much of the show’s nine seasons.

In her video mocking Rex Ryan’s infamous foot fetish expose with his wife Michelle that broke the Internet back in December, Goranson shows us what life would be like without football, a cold, hard reality that we may or may not experience this fall.

The portrait Goranson paints is pretty scary.

Hat tip to Off The Bench.