• Knowshon Moreno is evidently a huge Kelly Kapowski fan, just like anyone with a pulse who survived the early 90′s. His unidentified friend on the right doesn’t understand that you can’t just put any attractive girl on a shirt. It has to have meaning, or something.
  • While Moreno was busy satisfying his Kapowski infatuation, Darnell Dockett was making a new friend whose name is Nino. He’s an alligator.
  • Perhaps throwing Nino into the lockout negotiations will speed things up a bit. The two sides are meeting today in New York.
  • If a group of retired players has their way then this negotiating session could be cut short. Through a class-action lawsuit filed Monday a group of retirees asked Judge Susan Richard Nelson to halt negotiations until they’re given a seat at the table. Good, because this offseason needs more legalese. Have fun, NBA fans/media, you’re just getting started.
  • Adrian Peterson says it’s an honor to be ranked No. 3 on the NFL Network’s top 100 players, but he’s still aiming for that top spot.
  • Jason Babin will be one of the most intriguing players during free agency. The defensive end is coming off of his most productive season (12.5 sacks) at the age of 31. Babin realizes there will be some raised eyebrows at his late-bloomer status, but he insists that he doesn’t have the mileage of most other premier defensive ends his age.
  • Speaking of intriguing eyebrow-raisers, yesterday the Boston Herald floated an interesting possible free agent signee for the Patriots’ backfield.
  • Joey Chestnut won his fifth-straight hot dog eating title during the annual Fourth of July event held at Coney Island (or did he?). But Reservation for Six reminded us that Chestnut should watch his back, because Mark Sanchez hasn’t been shy about showcasing his hot dog eating talents in the past.

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