• During his live chat Tuesday NFL.com’s Gil Brandt was asked if we should ditch Lockout Watch for the annual July Brett Favre vigil. His response was likely based on little more than the expectation of Favre’s inevitable indecision. But regardless, any mention of Favre possibly making yet another comeback will inspire another inevitable act: computers flying from balconies.
  • As we’ve written recently, Favre seems genuinely done this time. But if the small chance of another comeback does bring us Favre Watch 2011, you won’t hear any moaning from this couch quarterback blogger. Sadly, I think we’ve all reached the point where another Favreapalooza is far more appealing than more stories outlining the tug-of-war between labor optimism and pessimism.
  • I’ll also take Favre Watch over more Tiki Barber profiles and reports of teams on his short list of preferred destinations (it’s the Steelers and Bucs this time, just like every time). At least Favre makes failing entertaining.
  • But don’t you dare take away my Albert Haynesworth speculation. Ever.
  • Ditto for Terrelle Pryor. Overstating the value of a college player with glaring talent and character questions in a league that takes talent and character rather seriously has never been so much fun.
  • People in Washington seem to think there’s a good chance this madness will soon be over, and the lockout will end by Sunday. People in Washington never lie, right?
  • Chad Ochocinco is offering money for the services of Vontae Davis.
  • Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg thinks Michael Vick can be better than another left-handed, mobile quarterback. His name is Steve Young, and you may have heard of him.
  • Nick Rodgers of Arrowhead Addicts suggests something that’s bordering on sacrilegious: changing the Chiefs’ uniforms.
  • Chargers GM A.J. Smith still isn’t sending Eli Manning any Christmas cards. Judging by the venom at Bolt Hype, the younger Manning may still be receiving hate mail from San Diego seven years after he spurned the Chargers.
  • We’re a little late on this, but couldn’t resist finishing with some lunacy. The Packers are selling replica Super Bowl rings at a price that can’t and won’t be beat. As TotalPackers.com notes, now you can tell your grandchildren about the time you triumphed over the Steelers, and it’ll only cost a minimum of $299, with the high-end version going for $2,499.

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