Hall of Fame tight end and former NFLPA president John Mackey has passed away at the age of 69, which gives us a chance to honor one of the most phenomenal players in football history by way of a statistical comparison.

Mackey was unique because of the breakaway speed he brought to the game at a position in which players aren’t exactly known for breakaway speed. ProFootballTalk’s Gregg Rosenthal points to an awesome statistic in Mackey’s biography at the Pro Football Hall of Fame website: “In 1966 … six of his nine touchdown receptions came on plays of 51, 57, 64, 79, 83 and 89 yards.”

Are you kidding me?

Sure, having Johnny Unitas as your quarterback never hurts. But those numbers are unbelievable.

Mackey averaged 15.8 yards per reception over his 10-year career, which is unheard of at the tight end position. Here’s a look at the yards-per-reception numbers put up by Mackey and other legendary tight ends:

John Mackey: 15.8
Charlie Sanders: 14.3
Dave Casper: 13.8
Mike Ditka: 13.6
Mark Bavaro: 13.5
Antonio Gates: 13.2
Todd Christensen: 12.7
Kellen Winslow: 12.5
Shannon Sharpe: 12.3
Ozzie Newsome: 12.1
Tony Gonzalez: 11.7
Ben Coates: 11.1

Mackey finished his career with 13 touchdown receptions of 50-plus yards. Here’s a look at how often he and other legendary tight ends broke the 50-yard mark:

John Mackey: 13
Shannon Sharpe: 6
Ben Coates: 3
Mike Ditka: 2
Antonio Gates: 2
Ozzie Newsome: 2
Dave Casper: 1
Tony Gonzalez: 1
Kellen Winslow: 1
Mark Bavaro: 0
Todd Christensen: 0
Charlie Sanders: 0

Comparing eras is obviously tricky, if not impossible, but those numbers still get the point across. Mackey was one of the unique players in NFL history.