• Packers linebacker Nick Barnett can’t resist the temptation of Crayons, and will be drawing feverishly on a street corner near you if the lockout drags on for much longer.
  • Alright, he really likes Crayons.
  • The names on Jason La Canfora’s potential cap casualty list would make a great 2008 fantasy team.
  • There’s an obvious reason why the Texans should chase after Nnamdi Asomugha once free agency begins, and it probably has something to do with their sickening league-worst 267.5 yards per game allowed through the air. But as Matt Bowen of the National Football Post writes, Asomugha’s versatility will also gel seamlessly with the aggressive style of new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.
  • Music City Miracles thinks Kenny Britt will likely miss two-to-four games due to suspension. Whether that suspension comes from the Titans or Roger Goodell is another matter.
  • “The T206 Honus Wagner card is one of the rarest collectibles on the market, but there are 75 to 100 of those in existence. Brett Favre wore only one helmet from his final game. That’s a piece of NFL history”…there’s something both troubling and fascinating about the great measures people will take to possess a sweaty game-worn piece of equipment. I Guess I’ll just never be a memorabilia nerd willing to spend half of my paycheck for Jerricho Cotchery‘s gloves.
  • Remember back in early April when we made you aware of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of the Metrodome roof? Well, it appears now it’s a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and this time those chunks of history are far more accessible on the Interwebs.
  • Quotes are fun, so here’s another one from an NFL owner who talked to Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks prior to today’s massively important negotiation session in which Goodell and DeMaurice Smith return to the table: “It does feel like we’re at the 5-yard line, and we’re right there. But it’s like Jerome Bettis has the ball, and I’ve seen him fumble on the 1-yard line before. If there’s a fumble now, hopefully either Goodell or Smith plays Ben Roethlisberger and stops the whole thing from falling apart.”
  • Everyone appears to be taking this whole negotiation thing rather seriously, so that’s good. Lawyers for both sides met for 11 hours yesterday.
  • Judge Arthur Boylan, the head mediator for the labor talks, is clearly among those taking this process quite seriously, at least until he goes on vacation this Saturday.
  • Boylan’s scheduled time for fun in the sun ratchets up the pressure for two already vital negotiation days, although talks can continue throughout the weekend without him. Mark Maske of the Washington Post writes that the owners may consider canceling the preseason if a handshake deal isn’t reached by early next week.
  • Let’s finish with an item that will make your computer smile. Ken Meringolo of Hogs Haven reminds us that as football fans we really haven’t lost anything yet, and unlike those doomed NBA fans we might not lose a single game.

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