DeSean Jackson is apparently an angry, bitter man. Maybe he just needs to spend a little more time at the Fantasy Factory, a place filled with glee and jovial laughter.

Last week Jackson appeared on the All Out Show with two nice, wholesome sounding fellas named Rude Jude and Lord Sear. To sooth all of your hip-hop desires you can listen to the show on Sirius XM’s channel 45, a channel with Eminem’s always influential name attached to it. Jackson’s appearance and his momentary moronic and neanderthal language is surfacing today due to a recording caught by, and catapulted into the fiery teeth of the Interwebs by Deadspin.

In the recording seen below, Jackson fields a question from a caller named Troy from Tennessee, who asks if the Eagles wide receiver has ever had his “dick knocked around in the dirt.”

We’re not sure what that means, we just know that Jackson didn’t like it. But instead of either laughing the question off or entirely ignoring it like any respectable and mature celebrity/athlete does when faced with bizarre fan interaction, Jackson instead chose to sink to Troy’s level.

The audio is a little muffled, so if you didn’t catch it the first time here’s Jackson’s response to Troy:

“What type of question is that? Say ‘no homo’, gay-ass. Faggot.”

Like the rest of the channel, the All Out Show is uncensored, meaning profane language is acceptable, and perhaps to an extent encouraged in an effort to be edgy. This is likely why Jackson thought he could get away with his slur, but it’s much more likely that he didn’t think at all. There’s a certain line that can never be crossed, and Jackson has no idea where that line is located.

Jackson isn’t expected to enjoy fielding such an odd, ridiculous question, and he’s even entitled to become irritated. But lashing out with a gay slur so casually as though it’s a common and acceptable word said in anger lowers Jackson to an extreme level of ignorance.

Despite his explosive and exciting talent on the field, the 24-year-old Jackson has struggling mightily with the concept of growing up during his three years in the NFL. Until now though his immaturity has only affected his teammates, coaches, and football fans who are sick of his over-bloated ego and ridiculous celebrations. Now the ease with which he utters a derogatory remark has extended Jackson’s childish ways beyond the whites lines of the football field.

He’s either homophobic, stupid, or a bit of both.