The GLS 100

The whole “top 100″ fad has really taken off this summer. Experts are naming their top 100 players, fans are naming their top 100 players, and even players are naming their top 100 players. As a result, we all have several chances to mock everyone else’s top 100 players.

Well, mock away. Based mainly — but not solely — on our offseason positional power rankings series, here are our top 100 players as of right now:

1. Tom Brady (QB, Patriots) — He and Manning are interchangeable.
2. Peyton Manning (QB, Colts) — It really is a toss-up, but Brady is coming off a better season.
3. Aaron rodgers (QB, Packers) — The hottest quarterback in the game.
4. DeMarcus Ware (OLB, Cowboys) — The most effective pass rusher in football.
5. Nnamdi Asomugha (CB, Raiders) — The league’s ultimate shutdown corner.
6. Drew Brees (QB, Saints) — Not a fan of the 22 picks he threw in 2010.
7. Andre Johnson (WR, Texans) — No receiver is more difficult to cover than Johnson.
8. Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings) — Very strong numbers despite the team’s struggles in 2010.
9. Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Steelers) — He had 3,200 yards in only 12 games last year.
10. Patrick Willis (ILB, 49ers) — Not flashy, but consistently a force in the middle.

11. Chris Johnson (RB, Titans) — Same boat as Peterson. But he’s more of a home-run hitter.
12. Jake Long (OT, Dolphins) — Doesn’t get beat. He’s become the best player at a shaky position.
13. Haloti Ngata (NT, Ravens) — The league’s most dominant run stopper is a freak of nature.
14. Troy Polamalu (S, Steelers) — No defensive player impacts the scoreboard like he does.
15. Darrelle Revis (CB, Jets) — How will he perform with a completely healthy hamstring in 2011?
16. Philip Rivers (QB, Chargers) — The numbers are phenomenal. Playoff success is missing.
17. Michael Vick (QB, Eagles) — He’ll have to prove that he can do it from start to finish.
18. Ndamukong Suh (DT, Lions) — Might already be the most complete defensive linemen in the game.
19. Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals) — Playing in a brutal offense hurt his stock in 2010.
20. Dwight Freeney (DE, Colts) — Disregard the numbers. He’s a tremendous force.

21. Clay Matthews (OLB, Packers) — He’ll climb this list if he can stay healthy in 2011.
22. Ed Reed (S, Ravens) — Led the league in picks despite missing six games. But can he stay healthy?
23. Jason Witten (TE, Cowboys) — The league’s most secure safety valve is remarkably consistent.
24. Jamaal Charles (RB, Chiefs) — Amazing 6.0 yards per carry during his three-year career.
25. Nick Mangold (C, Jets) — The game’s best center is just entering his prime.
26. Carl Nicks (G, Saints) — Deserves more credit than the more popular Jahri Evans.
27. Calvin Johnson (WR, Lions) — At 25, he’s the game’s most potent red-zone threat.
28. Antonio Gates (TE, Chargers) — Numbers were off the charts before injuries ruined his 2010 season.
29. Greg Jennings (WR, Packers) — Was the most productive receiver in the league from November on.
30. Cameron Wake (OLB, Dolphins) — Former CFL star has 19.5 sacks in 17 NFL starts.

31. DeSean Jackson (WR, Eagles) — Massive play-making threat as both a receiver and a return man.
32. Roddy White (WR, Falcons) — Ridiculous numbers in 2010: 115 catches, 1,389 yards, 10 touchdowns.
33. Josh Sitton (G, Packers) — Only sack the 25-year-old gave up all year was in the Super Bowl.
34. Arian Foster (RB, Texans) — The league’s leading rusher by a long shot, but how will he follow it up?
35. Nick Collins (S, Packers) — Playing stellar ball in the shadow of Polamalu and Reed.
36. LaMarr Woodley (OLB, Steelers) — It’s nearly impossible to decide between Woodley and James Harrison.
37. James Harrison (OLB, Steelers) — But Woodley gets the edge for being a slightly better pass rusher.
38. Joe Thomas (OT, Browns) — The league’s second-best left tackle still has some work to do.
39. Reggie Wayne (WR, Colts) — 111 catches and 1,355 yards despite Indy’s problems in 2010.
40. Jerod Mayo (ILB, Patriots) — At 24, he was league’s top tackler on paper last season.

41. Asante Samuel (CB, Eagles) — Lights-out coverage last year. If only he could tackle…
42. Jared Allen (DE, Vikings) — Double-digit sacks every single year.
43. Maurice Jones-Drew (RB, Jaguars) — Despite off 2010, still finished second in yards per game.
44. Matt Ryan (QB, Falcons) — On the fringe of “elite quarterback,” which still gets him in the top 50.
45. Josh Freeman (QB, Buccaneers) — Not getting enough credit for a 25-to-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio.
46. Tramon Williams (CB, Packers) — A better cover corner than Charles Woodson.
47. Charles Woodson (CB, Packers) — A better tackler and blitzer than Tramon Williams.
48. Ray Lewis (ILB, Ravens) — Still a stud, but he’s on the verge of sliding. You can see it.
49. Julius Peppers (DE, Bears) — First year in Chicago was superb, but his sack numbers weren’t great.
50. Tamba Hali (OLB, Chiefs) — He’s breaking out now that he has some support in Kansas City.

51. D’Brickashaw Ferguson (OT, Jets) — He’s been a big reason why Mark Sanchez has stayed healthy.
52. Mike Wallace (WR, Steelers) — Arguably the league’s fastest player, and becoming a superstar at 24.
53. Brandon Moore (G, Jets) — The Jets offensive line is just phenomenal, isn’t it?
54. Terrell Suggs (OLB, Ravens) — Clutch, but not overly consistent.
55. Justin Smith (DE, 49ers) — A remarkable run stopper despite a size disadvantage.
56. LeSean McCoy (RB, Eagles) — Another Eagles back who shines as a receiver. Forget Brian Westbrook.
57. Ray Rice (RB, Ravens) — Disappointing 2010 season damaged his stock, but he’s still young.
58. Trent Cole (DE, Eagles) — Never gets enough credit for consistently ruining quarterbacks.
59. Vince Wilfork (NT, Patriots) — There isn’t a lot to say. He just always gets the job done.
60. Tony Romo (QB, Cowboys) — 4,483 passing yards the last time he made it through a full season.

61. Jahri Evans (G, Saints) — Locked in as an All-Pro for the next 35 years.
62. Vernon Davis (TE, 49ers) — Dude had 16.3 yards per catch last year. That’s out of this world for a tight end.
63. Kyle Williams (NT, Bills)  – Flew under the radar as a defensive play-maker in 2010.
64. Champ Bailey (CB, Broncos) — Gave up four touchdowns last year, which is why he’s way down here.
65. Mario Williams (DE, Texans) — I’d love to see Williams in a defense that actually supports him.
66. Dwayne Bowe (WR, Chiefs) — Led the league with 15 touchdown receptions in a big bounce-back season.
67. Eric Berry (S, Chiefs) — Two sacks, four picks and a touchdown as a 21-year-old rookie.
68. Peyton Hillis (RB, Browns) — Without a fumble problem, the Madden cover boy would be much higher.
69. Darren McFadden (RB, Raiders) — A 5.2 average and 1,664 rushing/receiving yards in a breakout season.
70. Brian Urlacher (ILB, Bears) — Age has yet to get to Urlacher, who might have had his best season in 2010.

71. Devin McCourty (CB, Patriots) — Played at an All-Pro level as a rookie. No one expected that.
72. Maurkice Pouncey (C, Steelers) — See: Devin McCourty.
73. Matt Schaub (QB, Texans) — A yardage monster who continues to get overlooked.
74. Dallas Clark (TE, Colts) — Without him, the Indy offense is a shell of its former self.
75. Ryan Clady (OT, Broncos) — An injury held him back early last season, but he’s back on track.
76. Elvis Dumervil (DE, Broncos) — The league’s sack leader in 2009 missed all of 2010.
77. Charles Johnson (DE, Panthers) — Replaced Julius Peppers with 11.5 sacks in a breakout campaign.
78. Brandon Flowers (CB, Chiefs) — Extra points for being a great tackler and run defender.
79. Brandon Pettigrew (TE, Lions) — A big second season despite Matthew Stafford’s absence.
80. Donald Penn (OT, Buccaneers) — He’s the primary reason Freeman and Mike Williams were phenomenal.

81. Roman Harper (S, Saints) — Might be the most versatile defensive back in the league.
82. Jon Beason (ILB, Panthers) — Consistently puts up big numbers and makes big plays, even on a bad team.
83. Alex Mack (C, Browns)  – After Mangold and Pouncey, it’s Mack. No doubt.
84. Malcolm Jenkins (S, Saints) — Forget about Darren Sharper.
85. Joe Flacco (QB, Ravens) — Top 10 in almost every major passing category last season.
86. Logan Mankins (OT, Patriots) — Dominant in the running game after sitting out early on in 2010.
87. Andrew Whitworth (OT, Bengals) — The league’s hottest tackle was a monster late last year.
88. Lawrence Timmons (ILB, Steelers) — He doesn’t really make headlines, but he’s phenomenal in coverage.
89. Kevin Williams (DT, Vikings) — Somehow got even better while most of his teammates struggled.
90. John Abraham (DE, Falcons) — 13 sacks last year despite no longer being an every-down player.

91. Wes Welker (WR, Patriots) — He’ll have a healthy chance to recapture his 2009 form this season.
92. Ray Edwards (DE, Vikings) — As a free agent, he might finally have a chance to become the top gun.
93. Hakeem Nicks (WR, Giants) — A thousand yards and double-digit touchdowns in his sophomore year.
94. Quintin Mikell (S, Eagles) — Mr. Reliable doesn’t make SportsCenter but rarely makes mistakes.
95. Brent Grimes (CB, Falcons) — The NFL’s most targeted corner surrendered just three touchdowns in 2010.
96. Justin Tuck (DE, Giants) — He drives Osi Umenyiora, not vice versa.
97. Eric Weddle (S, Chargers) — Has a chance to move up lists like these if he can make more picks.
98. Jonathan Vilma (ILB, Saints) — Consistently a force since moving to New Orleans.
99. Jeff Saturday (C, Colts) — The only veteran presence in front of Peyton Manning, who is rarely touched.
100. Vontae Davis (CB, Dolphins) — At 23, already a great cover guy who can shut down top targets.