Candice & Tony’s Wedding Trailer from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

Ummm wow. Just wow.

When good looking rich people get married, some over-the-top theatrics, pageantry, and creativity is expected. This can apply to anything from the ceremony itself, to the wedding photography.

As Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his new bride Candice Crawford proved during their wedding back in May, the videography is no exception. The production quality of their wedding video done by Joe Simon Wedding Films is absolutely incredible.

A few observations/editing suggestions:

  • As amazing as this video is, there’s no way in hell some of these scenes didn’t required at least 10 takes.
  • When Romo is making his tearful speech to his new bride at the altar and says “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life” a quick cut to his infamous fumbled snap would have catapulted the already glorious editing into Oscar territory.
  • The groomsman at the 2:33 mark definitely went home alone.
  • The dessert table was clearly selected with the offensive linemen in mind (“I will not attend this wedding if there isn’t a mountain of donuts!”).

Thanks for the latest in NFL wedding visual stimulation, Sportress of Blogitude.