Over the years Brett Favre has received plenty of criticism for his waffling. He deserved all of it, but there’s one aspect of his personality that should still garner universal respect: his genuine passion for football.

We saw this when he was repeatedly pelted at the age of 41 during his final season, but still trotted out onto a foreign and barren TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota during a bitterly cold night last December. There was no reason or motivation for another improbable Favre appearance beyond a simple desire to play football, and throw more interceptions.

We see Favre’s desire to stay involved in the game nearly every summer when he’s slinging passes to 17 year olds on a field in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. And now we’re seeing again it during his tutoring sessions with Joe Webb.

Yes, the Vikings’ Joe Webb, the same Joe Webb who replaced a hobbled Favre, and the same Joe Webb who could start for Minnesota next season and keep the seat nice and warm for first round pick Christian Ponder.

Speaking to the media relations department at his alma mater (Alabama-Birmingham), Webb said that his offseason workout regimen has included sessions with Ponder. But more recently he’s teamed up with Favre, spending the “past few weeks” with the most grizzled of all the grizzly vets and working on his throwing in Hattiesburg.

Like the newly hired intern trying to claw his way up the company ladder, Webb said he’s trying to maintain his relationship with Favre.

“It’s great to have a person like that as my contact. He can still sling it.”

During his time in Green Bay Favre wasn’t too eager to mentor Aaron Rodgers. But now that he’s retired and there’s no threat of his protege taking his job the 11-time Pro Bowler has changed his approach.

It would seem that way at least, but we know there’s only one logical conclusion that can be drawn from all of this: Favre is coming back to Minnesota.

C’mon, isn’t it obvious? He’s gradually working with each prospective Vikings quarterback to ensure they aren’t an improvement over his mystic presence as the ageless wonder. Soon Webb will be throwing balls between three defensive backs, and Ponder will abandon his mobility to become a perfectly stationary target in the pocket.

Or maybe he really just wants the digits of Ponder’s ex-girlfriend.