• Tauntr has a rather spectacular take down of James Harrison following his latest round of idiotic comments yesterday.
  • We really weren’t kidding when we told you that the World Championship of American Football is a real thing that actually exists. In a clash sure to rival the gold medal game during the hockey tournament at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Canada and the United States are now set to meet in the final.
  • An end to the lockout is always either imminent, or there’s “hard work” left to be done. Sal Paolantonio’s sources chose option No. 2 last night.
  • Meanwhile, Albert Breer’s sources continue to give us hope that we’ll see some form of football played on Aug. 7, even if it’s just meaningless preseason football.
  • Continuity and the sheer genius of jedi Belichick leads Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe to think that the Patriots won’t struggle as much as other teams in a post-lockout NFL.
  • The Ravens could be very active in their search for a pass-rusher through free agency because of the uncertainty surrounding Sergio Kindle‘s recovery from an injury sustained last offseason.
  • Santana Moss may fit well into Mike Martz‘s offensive system in Chicago, but Matt Bowen of the National Football Post doesn’t think the 32-year-old wide receiver is a major upgrade over Chicago’s current crop of mediocre wideouts.
  • While using a high school decision-making tool, Bear Goggles On takes a look at why the Bears aren’t interested in Plaxico Burress.
  • In other Moss news, Randy Moss is still in “freakish shape” according to his agent Joel Segal, who gets paid to say that kind of thing.
  • In the latest episode of One Arrowhead Drive, Arrowhead Addicts ponders what Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley have been doing to keep busy during the lockout. I don’t think they made any of this up.

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