Does this look like the face of a man who could circumcise a mosquito?

  • Aiming to complete a process that Jerry Jones says is now just a matter of “circumcising mosquitoes,” the players and owners will resume meetings today under the direction of Judge Arthur Boylan in New York.
  • ESPN’s Chris Mortensen outlined the remaining hurdles that need to be cleared before we have a brand new 10-year labor deal.
  • Fans and writers are pulling every conceivable superstition out of the bag, because barring a tragic collapse the most likely scenario has an agreement in principle completed early in the week (Monday or Tuesday). That would be followed by the owners officially and finally ratifying the CBA at their meeting on Thursday.
  • Throughout the lockout feelings have been hurt, and bitterness has formed. We get it, and the anger has built up inside of us too. But if you’ve said that you’re not coming back to a TV set on Sundays this fall, you’re just fooling yourself. We’ll all come back, because there are questions that need answers.
  • Despite the steamrolling momentum of talks late last week, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Friday night that the Hall of Fame Game between the Bears and Rams on Aug.7 will be canceled.
  • That report was predictably refuted by NFL spokesman Greg Aiello on Saturday. If that unfortunate collapse in talks does happen this week, then the Hall of Fame Game is indeed clearly in jeopardy. But for now it seems unlikely that the two sides would make such a strong push and then abandon the game and the revenue it generates.
  • In other potentially depressing news from the weekend that you may have missed, the Bengals are still the Bengals. Completing an impressive trifecta and becoming the third Cincinnati player to get a new mug shot in the past week, running back and soon-to-be free agent Cedric Benson was booked on a misdemeanor charge Saturday morning.
  • Cincy Jungle is doing a quick list of the Bengals players you would meet in every office. This of course excludes the players who are getting arrested, because in a normal company that’s not run by Mike Brown they would have no hope in hell of getting hired. Chad Ochocinco is the “I won’t work through my break guy.”
  • Let’s stick with the Bengals for one more item, since they’re just so damn entertaining. The team won’t comment on the incidents over the past week, and they need just one more arrest over the next nine days to tie a franchise record set in 2006 for frequent imprisonment. Go Bengals!
  • With their improved off-field character, Dawgpound Daily wonders how much longer the nice guys in Cleveland can keep finishing last.
  • The Jaguars’ top priority in free agency will be to sign tight end Marcedes Lewis to a long-term deal.

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