Instant Twitter reports have made following CBA discussions hard on the heart.

NFL beat writers and bloggers have found themselves in a remarkably awkward place over the last 131 days.

While national correspondents scramble to decipher what’s real and what’s propaganda from primary sources, bloggers try to weigh those reports to decide what’s important and what’s trivial. Most of us have never covered a work stoppage, so it’s a totally new experience.

As a result, we’ve all had a little trouble filtering what we’re hearing and reading about the lockout. Mega-networks are contradicting themselves on crucial issues, and seemingly well-connected reporters are all over the place:

Supply and demand here. Fans are thirsty for information, and so there are dozens of media outlets doing everything they can to provide that info and feed the beast. But so much of that information is wrong, tainted or shaky that it becomes impossible to get a grip on the status of discussions.

Still, we continue to pick every fresh expert tweet apart, rather than just accepting that even those inside the room don’t know exactly where things are going. That’s so 2011, isn’t it? We won’t settle for that.

We’re obviously close to the end. Here are two facts (as far as we can tell):

1) The NFLPA Executive Committee is reviewing a draft of the collective bargaining agreement that’s been in the oven for four months.

2) Today and tomorrow, the owners will review the same document at their meeting in Atlanta.

Everything else is hearsay.