• The reports that emerged yesterday outlining the special treatment four of the plaintiffs in the Brady v. NFL case were seeking sparked angst and accusations of selfish thinking, most notably from the always candid Chris Kluwe. Late last night Drew Brees cleared the air on Twitter, saying that all media reports claiming that he’s seeking special treatment are false.
  • Brees’ tweet was rather unoriginal. How did we persuade people to do things before blogs and social media? That whole mob and pitchfork idea seems like far too much work.
  • The original reports about the players’ settlement requests came from multiple credible sources, including Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, the NFL Network’s Albert Breer, and Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.
  • If you’d like to grab your biggest brush and paint three of the most reliable reporters in the business with the same rumor-mongering stroke, go ahead, but please don’t drip on the GLS carpet. The more realistic thinkers among us know that this smells of Brees, Peyton Manning, and Vincent Jackson loosening their grip on greed following a strong public backlash.
  • Freeman indicated later Tuesday night that the words of Manning, Brees, and Jackson are true, and that they didn’t personally request special treatment. Their lawyers made the request for them. Even if that’s the case, then all three still could have had more control over the suits speaking on their behalf.
  • The issue was put to bed (or at least we think/hope) with a report from the Boston Herald saying that the NFLPA will not recommend any special compensation for the 10 plaintiffs.
  • Moving on to other legal matters, do you know what the NFL hasn’t had enough of this offseason? Lawsuits.
  • Inside the Iggles takes a look back at how the great lockout of 2011 will be remembered. Personally, I’m already trying to forget it.
  • Usually when Bart Scott speaks, he just talks, making up a catch phrase or two along the way. But this time he actually made some sense when he took a stance against the wimpification of the NFL. Yes, we’re making up words now. Is the lockout over yet?
  • Detroit’s Super Bowl odds keep getting better, and so do the odds of me watching a lot of Lions football this year.
  • Antonio Cromartie would like to have some one-on-one time with the open market, and if the market gives him enough money, he’ll leave New York. So sorry, Jets fans, no hometown discount for you.
  • ESPN’s Pat Yasinkas runs down the list of the top free agents in the NFC South, and reminds us once again how devastating it will be for the Panthers to lose DeAngelo Williams.

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