Here are the details of the league’s final, ratified proposal for the players:

Unrestricted free agency: Four accrued seasons, not six.

Salary cap: $120.375 million (teams must spend 99 percent of the cap in 2011 and 2012).

Revenue sharing: Players’ share must average at least 47 percent over the course of the 10-year agreement.

Franchise tags and transition tags: Remain in place, with no limitation on the use of them.

Health and safety: In addition to limited contact in offseason practices, the league would agree to reduce the offseason program by five weeks and shorten OTAs from 14 days to 10 days. Benefits for current players and retired players (under the Legacy Fund) would increase somewhat dramatically.

Vague rookie wage scale:

  • All drafted players sign four-year contracts.
  • Undrafted free agents sign three-year contracts.
  • Maximum total compensation per draft class.
  • Limited contract terms.
  • Strong anti-holdout rules.
  • Clubs have option to extend the contract of a first-round draftee for a fifth year, based on agreed-upon tender amounts.

Veteran protectionProFootballTalk reported earlier that some rules would potentially be put in place to protect veterans from becoming cap casualties. The proposal includes a plan for that:

“All teams will have approximately $3.5 million in what would otherwise be performance-based pay available to fund veteran player salaries.

“Each club may “borrow” up to $3 million in cap room from a future year, which may be used to support veteran player costs.

“In 2012, each club may “borrow” up to $1.5 million in cap room from a future year. Both these amounts would be repaid in future years.”

Also: The ratification of the deal would also mean no judicial oversight and the settlement of all pending lawsuits.

Immediate schedule:

Saturday: “Starting at 2:00 PM ET, clubs may negotiate with, but not sign, Undrafted Rookie Free Agents, free agents, and other clubs’ UFAs, RFAs, and Franchise Players.”

Sunday: “Starting at 2:00 PM ET, clubs may begin to sign undrafted rookie free agents.”

Wednesday: “2011 League Year commences at 2:00 PM ET, provided NFLPA has ratified CBA. Free Agency Signing Period begins. Clubs may sign free agents and other clubs’ Unrestricted Free Agents. Clubs may sign Offer Sheets. Trading period begins. All Clubs must be under the Salary Cap. Top 51 rule applies.”

Wednesday: “Training Camps open for all clubs, provided NFLPA has ratified CBA. Day One activities limited to physicals, meetings, and conditioning. No pads permitted on Day Two or Day Three.”