• In a shocking move, Texans running back Arian Foster was the only player to sign the CBA.
  • And in more Twitter displays of disgust/boredom, Jets safety Eric Smith has found another occupation to pursue if the lockout continues for much longer.
  • Albert Haynesworth actually plans to report to Washington’s training camp on time even though his grievance against the team after last year’s debacle and suspension remains unresolved.
  • We’re trying to minimize the lockout reports in today’s links, because you’ve no doubt digested enough false hope over the last four months–and especially the last few days–to last until the next CBA expires in 10 years. But when Chris Mortensen says the players will likely vote today, that’s some automatic linkage right there.
  • Quick aside to the link above: it baffles me that people still leave comments on major websites saying something like “That’s it! If there’s no deal today I’m done!!!111″ C’mon, really? If football is played as scheduled in September, no one is going anywhere.
  • Then of course Liz Mullen chimes in with this. Maybe we should have stuck with that no lockout reports idea.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw sounds torn between the Giants and Dolphins.
  • TotalPackers.com wonders if Brandon Underwood’s wife is hot, or just Green Bay hot.
  • Stampede Blue makes the astute observation that the Colts are getting old, and it’s time to begin building through free agency in addition to the draft.

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