Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati. Bengals owner Mike Brown isn’t known as a guy who gives in to demands such as those. As a result, Mike Brown says Carson Palmer has retired.

“He has retired,” Brown told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I wish him well. If he is going to walk away from his commitment, we’re not going to reward it.”


I can understand where Palmer is coming from. He’s grown frustrated with the penny-pinching team and its old-school owner. But he is under contract, and Brown and Co. lost leverage the moment he made his desire to leave town public. What does Brown owe Palmer? Nothing.

And let’s face it: Andy Dalton is a project, but he might be in line to become a better quarterback than Palmer, who has struggled for half a decade now anyway. Bengals fans obviously would love to get something for their former franchise quarterback, but I can see why Brown is concerned about setting a bad precedent.

I’m beginning to believe that a 31-year-old Carson Palmer will sit at home throughout the 2011 season. On the bright side, he probably won’t run out of money. And he’ll finally have a chance to start as Mr. Mom