This shouldn’t come as a major surprise, but the Matt Hasselbeck era is over in Seattle, according to Danny O’Neill of the Seattle Times.

The likely landing spot for Hasselbeck at this point? Tennessee, according to Michael Lombardi of NFL Network. I’m not sure why the Titans would want to give “big money” to a 35-year-old quarterback, but the team obviously feels as though Jake Locker will need some guidance during his rookie season.

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But here’s a better reason for the Titans’ interest: “Virtually everyone in that front office has a Seattle connection,” a GM told me. “They’re hoping Hasselbeck can start one year, and Locker can get a season of learning under his cap.” OK, so not “virtually everyone” in the front office has a Seattle pedigree. But the movers and shakers do. Executive VP and GM Mike Reinfeldt was with the Seahawks from 1999-2006, while Ruston Webster — the team’s vice president of player personnel — spent four seasons with the Seahawks before leaving to join the Titans.

O’Neill reports that it appears the Seahawks have acquired another quarterback to fill Hasselbeck’s roster spot. The team was reportedly interested in both Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Leinart.

I’d expect to see Jackson compete with Charlie Whitehurst for the Week 1 starting job. In other words, I’d expect it to be a rebuilding year in the Emerald City.

UPDATE: O’Neill confirms the team has signed Jackson.