No one ever sleeps in New York, and if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, or something. The great American writer Christopher Morley also once dubbed New York “America’s thyroid gland.”

Pieced together, the contrasting images of New York make the country’s largest city an immediate attraction for those pursuing a high-end career. Nnamdi Asomugha, the cornerback who’s the most highly coveted player on this year’s free agent market, is evidently among the young, rich, and talented people ready to get lost in the city’s bright lights.

As ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported earlier today during an appearance on Mike and Mike in the Morning, the Jets could have a leg up in the Asomugha sweepstakes because of his aspirations to pursue a post-football acting career.

“Asomugha is interesting because the Houston Texans, probably, are going to make him the biggest offer,” Mortensen told the Mikes. “Yet you keep hearing that Nnamdi wants to go somewhere where he can begin to focus on his post-playing career, even though he’ll give his all as he’s playing, and he has a great interest in being an actor, whether it’s in theater or whatever, and that could factor into it.”

NFL players being unable to resist the glare of those blinding New York lights is nothing new for the Jets. Joe Namath wasn’t called “Broadway Joe” just because it sounded cool. We all know that his commercial appeal came from his ability to market panty hose.

Kerry Rhodes also caught the Broadway bug during his time in New York, a modeling and acting hobby that’s followed him to Arizona. He still refuses to wear a man thong though.

We’re not sure exactly what kind of acting Asomugha has in mind if he signs with the Jets, so logically we turned GLS Photoshop expert Mike Tinning.

If he decides to pursue a gig singing and dancing in theater, we can see Asomugha fitting in seamlessly with the productions of Spiderman and Sister Act, two highly popular silver screen musical adaptations currently showing on Broadway. However, we’ve learned that his true theater passion is Cats, the world renowned play that unfortunately left Broadway over a decade ago.

That hasn’t stopped Asomugha from rigorously rehearsing his future role, hoping Cats returns.

But if Asomugha is torn between wearing a leather cat suit and fighting fictional crime, then Gary Sinise is getting a little old, and there could be an opening on CSI New York soon.